Made Locally

The Mad Potters

Sister Rooney, the Sisters of Notre Dame, and some retired miners were Mad Potters who captured in clay the life of the miners in Sydney Mines.

Their unique pottery is described in their label:

You may see them anytime wandering along the shore or through the fields; but wandering with a purpose – searching for clay, the “fire clay” so familiar to the men who go down underground.

If they appear slightly fanatic you may be sure that they are the Mad Potters of Sydney Mines.

This piece is a product of the Mad Potters, a small group of miners with an ambition to catch in local clay what they and their fathers best recall of the “mines”.

Their authentic reproductions evoke memories in the heart of every “man of the deeps”. The glaze, a matt anthracite in colour, is symbolic of the underground wealth of Cape Breton.

Their hallmark, a pick and shovel crossed, is typical of the hand tools first used by the hardy men from many lands who laid the foundation of the Cape Breton Mosaic.